3rd Annual: Critical Theories In the Twenty First Century: A Conference of Transformative Pedagogies:
November 16th, 2013

 2013 Theme:
Critical Education Against Capitalism:
Connecting the Local with the Global


West Chester University
700 South High St, West Chester, PA 19383

Sponsored by:
Educational Foundations
The Department of Professional and Secondary Education
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Keynote Speaker:
Dennis Carlson (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio)
Picking Up the Pieces: The Promise of Democratic Education in the Age of Neo-Liberal Reform

Keynote Panel:
E.Wayne Ross (University of British Columbia), Paul Gorski (George Mason University), Rebecca A. Goldstein (Montclair State University) and Tim Slekar (Edgewood College)

Call For Papers
It is incredible that we are already preparing for our third annual meeting. Due to the success of last years’ second annual event, we are very excited about the upcoming Critical Theories in the Twenty-First Century conference at West Chester University (WCU). This year our international critical pedagogical community has expressed an interest in exploring the capitalist connections between our many localities (i.e. connecting the local with the global), and advancing international anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian critical education/pedagogy.

For those of us in the Philadelphia area where public schools are under attack, budgets are being cut, privatization schemes have become normal, and over twenty schools are marked for immediate closure, it means connecting to national trends, and to the differing international particularities from Turkey to Greece to India to Mexico to Cuba and beyond. This discussion, highlighting developments in our own micro contexts, might benefit from exploring the potentials and limits of reformism. At WCU, for example, we are hosting this conference, building an MA in Transformative Education, starting a critical History of Education journal, and building our foundations of education faculty. While critical educators are engaged in this type of work around the world—work that must be done—it is also imperative that we continue to explore and connect it to the underlying causes of the ravages of capital in education and the larger global society building an international revolutionary network of educational activists.

 Consequently, whereas our first years’ “call for proposals” was “general enough to be inclusive of many critical approaches to transformative or revolutionary pedagogies and theory,” this year (like last year) we ask the critical pedagogy community to not only present their works in a way that demonstrates how it contributes to achieving a post-capitalist society, but a post-capitalist global society. As such, we can suggest a few relevant themes for proposals: Marxist educational theory, Anarchist pedagogies, austerity/educational budget cuts, ignoring poverty, racialization and global hegemony, (anti)settler-colonialism/imperialism, indigenous critical theory/autonomous governance, anti-capitalist eco-pedagogy, atheism and education, queer theory against capital, global studies, etc.

While this conference will include important presentations and debates in critical pedagogy, it will not be limited to this focus. In other words, as critical theory becomes more inclusive, global, and all encompassing, this conference welcomes more than just academics as important contributors. That is, we recognize students and youth groups as possessing authentic voices based on their unique relationship to capitalism and will therefore be open to them as presenters and discussion leaders (as was done in 2011 and 2012).

Submissions: 500+ word proposal summaries (specify if you are submitting an individual paper or a panel)

Please submit proposals to: Rob Haworth (


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